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Coaxial package at optical communication (TO)


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Transistor shell is made of a special conductive alloy material. The package contains two elements: header and cap. In the field of optoelectronics, cap has two basic functions. First, they provide lasting protection and reliable on optical transmission and receiving applications. Secondly, as the optical interface, they also ensure the smooth transmission of optical signals. Therefore, the optical properties of installed in the cap of windows or lenses to achieve very high requirements.

In general, we will cap can be divided into two different types of:
· Molded cap : Do not use any other material in the melting process of metal and glass. This cap is applicable to all types of the traditional optical signal transmission.
· Welded cap : The solder glass added to the melt treatment of metal and glass. All kinds of precision application of the cap applies to contain special optical elements.
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