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Job Title: Technician, sales staff recruiting departments: marketing

Location: Chuzhou Job Type: Full

Time limit: Long-term needs: Open

Treatment: Negotiable Update Date :2013 -07-01


Job requirements:

1) Bachelor degree or above, physics, electronics or related disciplines.
1) In a recent work experience, with two years of MEMS device packaging technology development or manufacturing experience;
2) with infrared focal plane array detector high vacuum packaging work experience is preferred;
Skills and techniques:
A) one or more semiconductor devices familiar products or generic products MEMS device packaging technology methods, and has personally experienced production;
2) proficiency in some common semiconductor device packaging process (such as SMD chip, wirebond, eutectic soldering, welding, etc. hermetically sealed casing), familiar with the corresponding semiconductor packaging equipment, with the ability of these devices to operate independently;
3) to master AutoCAD, pro-E or other two-dimensional or three-dimensional structure solidworks design software, can independently design some fixture;
4) be familiar with general working principle of infrared detectors or sensors, to understand its application characteristics;
5) are familiar with the ISO quality management system, quality control and a strong sense
Personal qualities:
1) with good communication skills and excellent team spirit;
2) cheerful, open-minded, able to work under pressure;
3) strong sense of responsibility, work carefully.


1) infrared focal plane array detector packaging process development;
2) Existing infrared detector packaging technology optimization and improvement;
3) infrared focal plane array detector device yield increase;
4) production process standardization and standardization;
5) R & D and production process quality control method development and implementation;
6) training of technicians and operators to improve their operational capacity and quality consciousness;

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